Low Needle Drop

Traditional Christmas trees of the Highest Quality with Low Needle drop needles.

Real Christmas Trees are pleased to offer our home grown quality Nordman Fir and Fraser Fir which are  the most popular Christmas Trees in the country!

Nordmann fir is one of the most important species grown for Christmas trees, being favoured for its lovely symmetrical shape, attractive foliage, with needles that are not sharp and do not drop readily when the tree dries out.

These trees are literally the king of the Christmas trees; they are the cream of the crop from our plantation.

For best results we recommend keeping the tree in a water holding stand as they can drink up to a litre of water per day

These trees are supplied as cut and are measured to the crown.

These trees are ideal for indoor use

These trees really are very special and will look great on display.  Full to the tip, these trees are guaranteed to delight!





4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)


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