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25ft - 60ft Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees is the leading supplier of large Christmas Trees in the UK, and we are able to offer large Christmas Trees in a range of sizes from 25ft up to 60ft. We have listed some of our most popular sizes below, but please contact us should you wish to purchase a tree of a different size or variety. Please email:  or telephone: 0345 604 8366 for further information

25ft - 60ft Christmas Trees

Please send us an enquiry for this tree size


Real Christmas Trees are specialist corporate Christmas tree retailers. 

We can arrange the delivery and, subject to survey, erection of Christmas trees up to 60ft Nationwide.  We have a dedicated corporate and large tree department catering for the needs of customers who require large trees delivered and installed.

The Process

  1. Firstly we need to know exactly what servie you require. Required details include: Delivery postcode, Location for the tree, Size of Tree, Requested Delivery Date
  2. On receipt of the above information or further information, as may be required, we will send you a tailored quote. All of our quotes are fully broken down to allow you to tailor your needs as required. For all locations, we will request photo’s for the site where the tree is to be installed along with information regarding access and the dimensions of the Tree pit. We will also request a date that you will require the tree to be installed by.
  3. Once you confirm an order, we will raise an invoice with payment required prior to installation.
  4. We will notify you of your installation date  and provide you with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement along with our Insurance Cover Letter.
  5. On the day of your installation, the team will contact you or your colleague on arrival to keep you informed. We would expect someone to be in attendance on site. 

For further information, please e-mail us to or contact Tel. 0345 604 8366

Discounts for Large Orders

If you are looking to place an order for a large number of Christmas trees (not wholesale), we would be delighted to look at your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.

Please contact us on 0345 604 8366 or email: for further information.


There is no additional cost of delivery for Christmas Trees up to 20ft in height.

For Christmas Trees over 20ft, delivery charges will apply.

Please contact us on 0345 604 8366 or e-mail: for a quote for any tree over 20ft in height.

For stands, decorations, lights and wreaths, a seperate delivery charge will apply unless these items are purchased with a Christmas Tree.

If these items are purchased with a Christmas Tree, there will be no delivery cost.

All our trees are premium grade. No imports - all trees are UK grown trees and are cut fresh to order.

We're Passionate About Our Trees

Regular Pruning and Careful Selection

With over 50 years experience of growing Christmas Trees in the UK, Real Christmas Tres are well versed with the challenges of growing a Full, quality Christmas Tree.

Throughout the months of March to August, we regularly prune and shear all of our Christmas Trees on our 500 acre farm to ensure uniformity of growth and full, well balanced Christmas Trees.

When harvesting a Christmas Tree, all trees are assessed and graded prior to harvesting to ensure that only the finest trees are supplied. All of our trees are UK grown Christmas Trees.

Sustainable Farming For The Future

At Real Christmas Trees we are able to supply you with a quality, UK Grown and freshly cut tree, direct from our farm of 500 acres, in Solihull, West Midlands.

Real Christmas Trees has an ongoing policy of thinning and replanting some 50,000 trees per year. For every tree harvested we will plant at least 2 trees to ensure that production is sustainable.

Real Christmas Trees are a renewable resource and benefits the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen. Every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen requirement for 16 people. A hectare of Christmas trees will absorb 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Our trees create a very small carbon footprint as they are delivered direct to you from our farm.

Christmas tree farms stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife, while creating scenic green belts. Often, Christmas trees are grown on soil that doesn't support other crops.

A real Christmas tree is five times more environmentally compatible than an artificial tree. Such are the findings of a Swedish study undertaken by the Institute for Air and Environment in Gothenburg. The study is based on an analysis of the life cycle of natural trees and plastic trees (Artificial vs. Christmas trees).

Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace says:

'I often say that one way to protect the environment is to choose renewable materials and energy wherever possible. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable plastics and petroleum-based products. Although some people claim that these trees last a lifetime, most are thrown away within nine years - and remain in landfill sites for centuries. For me the choice isn't real or artificial, but whether to buy a tree or one that's growing in a pot, which I can plant outside after the holidays.'

Other environmental benefits of a real Christmas tree:

Real trees are biodegradable, artificial trees are non-biodegradable.

Real trees are a renewable resource; the production of artificial trees uses large quantities of liquid fossil fuels, which is a non renewable resource.

Real trees have a very small associated carbon footprint, artificial trees create a substantial carbon footprint due to the use of fossil fuels in their production and the fact that they often have to be transported from half way around the world.

This Christmas, why not help the environment and choose a renewable resource - buy a real Christmas tree from us and reduce you carbon footprint.